Why Hire an Event Planner?

Two of the biggest reasons why hiring an event planner is essential for your next event: your happiness and your money!

You can count on the event planner while the party is going on, so you don’t have to worry which saves you hours of hassle, time and stress. You should feel like a guest at your own party, without having to worry about how things are running - From making sure that the DJ has your favorite music, to the bartender having enough ice, to insuring that the ushers are wearing the correct color tie. Also, because there is no set pricing, events will work around YOUR budget.

Not to mention I will also help to review all contracts, and make sure that your expectations are met. Because of my experience, I have established relationships with different vendors, which on its own, saves you time and money from making arrangements (with food, lights, entertainment, etc.). If you are planning an event outside of state, the event planner can make it happen without you even being there.


Have an entire event planned or services a la carte. Our rates are affordable to help you save money by guiding you to the best choices to create your event the way you truly want it to be.

Some of our services include:

Site selection assistance
            Location, location, location.

Merchant referrals
            Florists, bakers, bands – who is the best for your event?

Budgeting assistance
            I assist in making a budget and insuring that we stay within that budget.

Creation of a wedding day schedule of activities
            Hair and makeup at this time, in the car and out the door by this time.

Coordination of the rehearsal
            Where are we eating? Who is attending?

Coordination of the wedding day activities
           Everything from vendor coordination to ensuring the flower girl is dressed and ready!

Etiquette information
            How to tell people to leave the kids at home and avoiding any social blunders.

Other services as needed to make your event perfect