Stylists are no longer just for celebrities. With the average woman spending $2000 on average on clothing and not wearing 30% of it, something has to change! Every person is different, but we can all agree that we want to look great and feel great. This is where I come in. With three easy steps, you will be on your way to a better you, no matter your age, size, or budget.

1. The Style Assessment
During this time we will discuss what your end result will be. What do you want your style to say about you? Let’s make you a better version of yourself. After we go through your closet, purge the dated and unflattering, we will see what key pieces you are missing.

2. The Shopping
Most people’s concerns are that they do not have enough money to spend on a brand new wardrobe. If you do, that is great, and I would love to take you shopping! If you don’t, that’s okay too - you pick your budget.

3. The Whole Enchilada
Let’s put everything together. Not only will I show you what can go with what, for example, how to wear this cardigan 5 ways for 5 different occasions, I will show you what hair, and what make up, and what accessories, and also how you can do it yourself. We will also photograph your new looks for your reference.

Services include:

Personal Style Consultation
What do you want your style to say about you?
Color Analysis
What colors look best on your skin tone? With your eyes? With your hair color?
Closet Purging
Out with the old, dated, and faded!
Outfit Coordination
Instead of this with this, let’s try this with this.
Wardrobe Updating
Bringing you up to date while still maintain classic pieces.
Seasonal Wardrobe Planning
Summer outfits need an overhaul? What can I wear in the winter? Do tights go with everything?
Personal Shopping
Hate the hustle and bustle of malls and stores? Let me do the shopping for you. I will bring everything to your home. Keep what you like and I will return what you don’t!
Travel Planning & Packing
Figi for a month in June? Versatile pieces are key!
Complete Head to Toe Make-over
Hair, make up, wardrobe, you’re in good hands.
Television/Photo Shoot Styling
What colors look best on camera and how to avoid the 10 pounds the camera adds? I’ve got you covered, from high fashion to appearances.